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If you are looking for a melt in your mouth personalized wedding cake, birthday cake or any special occasion cake in Coquitlam BC, you are at the right place!

I create cakes for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, baby showers and many other events. Personal attention and care goes into every cake I make, as my cake designers carefully incorporate your own ideas into every detail.

My cakes are made with passion! You will not get “Just a cake” but an Amazing Work of Art that will be remembered and talked about for years.

I believe that cakes should taste as great as they look. Many people go to events like birthday and find that while the cake looks beautiful, it tastes awful, particularly because of the icing! My philosophy is that a cake should not only look amazing, but taste amazing! I firmly believe that you have don't have to compromise taste for a cake to look good.

I add my passion, my appreciation and my creativity to bring you a range of both classic and modern flavours to choose from. The end result is a variety of products with amazing tastes and flavours that have been handcrafted using the best fresh & raw ingredients and the best methods. I will always put quality over quantity. I are focused on making the best cake available to you, because I believe that you deserve nothing less than the best!

The cake industry today is making everything industrial, with artificial flavours and powders. I have also chosen not to use pre-packaged frozen ingredients, industrially prepared pastes, commercially prepared mixes or flavouring, artificial stabilizers or additives, but rather I make my cake and desserts from scratch working with raw ingredients. We use only top quality fresh components including chocolate, free range organic butter and top shelf liquors to make our cakes. Our recipes have been developed in-house and can be altered to your specific taste.Every cake is made with love!

Your perfect cake, designed just for you.. delicious and elegant. I am passionate about cake craft, and feel that even the most minute details are important. I don't see a cake as being a success unless the client loves it.

Looking for a dessert to impress your guests?

I make all kinds of desserts from small desserts, to big classics( profiteroles, brioche,fruit desserts, mousses, davarois, souffles,crepes, clafoutis, puddings, tarts, creme brulee, pannacottas, cheesecake,filo horns,financiers, meringues, tartlets, cookies...)

For custom orders simply give my 48 hours notice and the cake or desserts for your special party, wedding or event will be prepared and ready to be picked up.
Order your desserts in advance and we will have your order ready when you need it.

Feel free to browse my website and look at a selection of my cakes and desserts.

If you don't see what you are looking for then contact Amazing Cakes for a free consultation and together we will create something special for you!
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