Hi, my name is Kate and cakes are my life long passion!

I run a small home based cake business in Coquitlam BC. Baking cake started as a hobby for me.

At home, whatever the occasion, there was a cake. There was never a question who was making dessert for family or friends gatherings. Ready made cakes were never an option! All cakes always had to be baked fresh from scratch and tasted divine. This is what I’m also offering you, my customer.

The cakes not only tasted great but looked amazing as well. I started off baking with simple decorations which were readily available. Once I was able to afford more elaborate tools, books and courses, the baking became more and more professional. Over time, I have perfected my baking skills and decorating techniques in a variety of ways.

One day a friend told me that it was a “crime” to keep these talents to myself and I made my first cake to order. Then friends started asking me to make cakes for their events.After spending many years enjoying making cakes for family and friends, I decided to go into business as Amazing Cake making my passion to baking delicious cakes into my full time job.I am delighted to share my talents with you.

I LOVE making cakes, desserts and anything sweet!

I specialize in making your celebration cakes something special. I love everything from simple, to modern, to unique, wild and crazy! I’d love to make a cake for you and help you celebrate all the great events in life!

All my cakes are home baked, therefore no two cakes will be exactly the same. The cakes are made with loving care and attention so you can be sure that your cake is unique for your special occasion.I pride myself on creating homemade cakes and desserts for any occasion. Whether you’d like them for a birthday celebration, business event/meeting, wedding, children’s party, hen party or anniversary, I can provide you with the ideal edible gift.

I love special events and this is my way to participate in them. Since it is still just a hobby, you can be assured when ordering from me you will not have a cardboard tasting cake, but a custom dessert designed especially for you!

My cakes are all custom made with the freshest ingredients I can buy.I make all my fillings from scratch, using my recipes that I’ve created from my years of baking experience.The variety of cakes are as endless as your imagination, with lots of flavours and styles to choose from.

On this website you will see a selection of cakes that I have made.
I would love to help you in baking a cake that is sure to be the centerpiece of your special event!