A frill of chocolate lace and layers of luscious flavors lend formal flair to your after-dinner festivities. My Chocolate Lace Cake features fully five tiers of sumptuous tastes and textures. Sweet berries top a chocolate sponge base, and the creamy vanilla soufflé creates a sweet counterpoint to the chocolate mousse layer. A topping of dark chocolate glacage makes a glistening, smoothly sweet finish to this fabulous confection.

Taste and flavor:

  • sour-sweet
  • juicy
  • fruity
  • airy
  • creamy
  • delicate
  • tangy
  • dark chocolate
  • berries
  • brandy
  • vanilla

Cake’s layer:

  • chocolate sponge cake drenched with brandy
  • mixed berry filling
  • dark chocolate mousse
  • vanilla souffle
  • chocolate glacage


  • eggs
  • corn starch
  • sugar
  • dark chocolate
  • white flour
  • brandy
  • batter
  • heavy cream
  • cocoa
  • different berries(fresh or frozen)
  • agar-agar
  • water
  • vanilla
  • sugar powder
  • evaporated milk
  • gelatin
  • sugar spheres

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